Over what??

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Overalls! Every girl remembers bouncing around her yard in a pair of beat up overalls. Not every girl was like me, but for years I loved bopping around the yard chasing my father while he did his yard work. It is not to say I was a tomboy but I loved my overalls. My babysitter did as well. I always tried to wear them like her, and now- overalls have rocked the runway! Ralph Lauren is taking the runway by storm, trading in the jumpsuit for your old handy overalls. Not your typical fashion craze, but anything goes these days. When practicality meets durability and style, what could be better than that? There are no limits to how overalls are to be worn, what they are to be made out of or what they should be worn for, but the concept is the same. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it out in the woods, or out on the town, this is a new craze that will rock the fashion world!

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