Vampires: What’s the deal.

Vampires used to be scary. A figment of the imagination, a mythological creature with pale skin, dark eyes and black clothing that ran around on full moons (or is that a werewolf?) and stalked human beings to suck the blood from our necks and leave us for dead. With blood dripping form their mouths (note: they should bring lobster bibs) they’d hide in our closets and under our beds, in cemeteries and under rocks, they were the creepy guys next door, the Boo Radleys of Eastern Europe.

But now… they’re hot! And thank God! The creepy look of Dracula with his funky Eastern European accent has been replaced with the bulging man muscles and striking eyes of Edward in Twilight. Mmmmm! Edward! Wrap him up I’ll take him to go- oh and I’ll take Jacob on the side! And True Blood’s Bill Compton: oh baby oh baby! I only wish Hugh Jackman would step up to the plate and bite my neck- it’s like donating blood only better, wait do you still get cookies after a vampire bite? Doubtful but a cookie, really? Like Edward sucking on your neck isn’t good enough? If you get bit by a vampire, write me a letter and I’ll send you a cookie- HELL I’ll send you a box of Girl Scout cookies, because you are a champ.

What is this obsession with Vampires about? At first I thought it was just that creepy girl down the hall who liked them, turns out everyone likes them (even boys). Granted there haven’t been many girl vampires recently, or at all, but Victoria from Twilight could turn some heads: that long blonde hair, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and she’s BAD! (grrr)

However, ladies, the obsession is valid- who can resist?!

guest blogger: Gretchen

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