Two Write Love on Her Arms


Today, Friday November 13th, people all over the world are writing love on their arms in support of friends, family members, and people they don't even know.

TWLOHA is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to spread hope. It is a support system towards finding help for people from all walks of life who suffer from depression, addiction, self-injury and suidice. They hope to spread awareness with the intent of encouraging people to seek help.

There is support everywhere, people just need to be aware.

Spread the word. LOVE makes the world go round!


Who's Wearing What

Who's Wearing What this Winter? What are the trends that will sweep the snow dusted streets this winter? What will you throw on for a stroll through central park with your sweetheart this Christmas. What can you to do stay warm, fashionable, and be the talk of the town? Listen up! Here are a few trends that will be BOOMING once the winter scene cracks open!

Animal print, not just any animal print: Leopard print. And not the tacky pleather print. A classy animal print, good for any occasion. Leave it to Christian Louboutin to come out with FABULOUS booties for this season. Many of you know when he swept the scene with his basic black heel, he has really outdone himself this time. source: NYMag

This Victor Osborne cap is also a must have! Dressed up for a night on the town or worn more casual out for a stroll through the Boston Common this cap is the perfect find! source: NYMag

STRIPES! No this is not a Wheres Waldo pitch, but stripes are back! Thick, thin, horizontal stripes are back! Sweaters this season from Gap to Tim Hamilton the stripes are the thing to wear. The sweater itself is back in rare form. Dig back into your fathers closet, or your mothers if she was into sweaters. Wool, cotton, knit sweaters varying in color were all the rage a few short decades ago and now they are back. Let's see how you can rock it!

source: NYMag

Here's just a few, more to come of course. From buckle boots to jade polish. The new trends are starting a craze in the fashion world!


Vampires: What’s the deal.

Vampires used to be scary. A figment of the imagination, a mythological creature with pale skin, dark eyes and black clothing that ran around on full moons (or is that a werewolf?) and stalked human beings to suck the blood from our necks and leave us for dead. With blood dripping form their mouths (note: they should bring lobster bibs) they’d hide in our closets and under our beds, in cemeteries and under rocks, they were the creepy guys next door, the Boo Radleys of Eastern Europe.

But now… they’re hot! And thank God! The creepy look of Dracula with his funky Eastern European accent has been replaced with the bulging man muscles and striking eyes of Edward in Twilight. Mmmmm! Edward! Wrap him up I’ll take him to go- oh and I’ll take Jacob on the side! And True Blood’s Bill Compton: oh baby oh baby! I only wish Hugh Jackman would step up to the plate and bite my neck- it’s like donating blood only better, wait do you still get cookies after a vampire bite? Doubtful but a cookie, really? Like Edward sucking on your neck isn’t good enough? If you get bit by a vampire, write me a letter and I’ll send you a cookie- HELL I’ll send you a box of Girl Scout cookies, because you are a champ.

What is this obsession with Vampires about? At first I thought it was just that creepy girl down the hall who liked them, turns out everyone likes them (even boys). Granted there haven’t been many girl vampires recently, or at all, but Victoria from Twilight could turn some heads: that long blonde hair, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and she’s BAD! (grrr)

However, ladies, the obsession is valid- who can resist?!

guest blogger: Gretchen

On a Whim

In a minute of boredom and experimentation I went from being a long haired blond, golden summer locks, to a seemingly mysterious brunette. It is crazy how a simple color change cam seem to change so much. It was fun. It won't last long, I am a blond at heart, there is no questioning that.

Just For Fun

Over what??

Source: Style

Overalls! Every girl remembers bouncing around her yard in a pair of beat up overalls. Not every girl was like me, but for years I loved bopping around the yard chasing my father while he did his yard work. It is not to say I was a tomboy but I loved my overalls. My babysitter did as well. I always tried to wear them like her, and now- overalls have rocked the runway! Ralph Lauren is taking the runway by storm, trading in the jumpsuit for your old handy overalls. Not your typical fashion craze, but anything goes these days. When practicality meets durability and style, what could be better than that? There are no limits to how overalls are to be worn, what they are to be made out of or what they should be worn for, but the concept is the same. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it out in the woods, or out on the town, this is a new craze that will rock the fashion world!