I am not quite sure how to react to this new 'trend' but vajazzling, made popular by Jennifer Love Hewitt, is actually what it sounds like. Remember bedazzling, that crazy fad where rhinestones and studs are added to an assortment of items from bags to clothing? That seems to be what we are seeing here. Vajazzling is bedazzling for your...lady parts. As odd as this sounds it has been a popular topic for discussion over the last few months. Being offered at Completely Bare a luxury spa with four locations in New York this trend seems to be catching on. The process is simple, it begins with waxing and then Swarovski crystals are applied either from a sheet or individually. I can't say I understand this trend yet, but it is out there, and people love it. Apparently this is is quite a hit with the guys... so all you guys out there, enlighten me, what is it about this you like so much?


  1. hmm im not sure about this. wouldn't that be really uncomfortable? wouldn't they just fall off. i'd probably scratch myself or get caught on something lol

  2. I am not quite sure. I can't say I fully understand it but people do crazy things. You never know until you try it I guess.

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