Although all this warm weather may be deceiving, as of September 22, it is fall ladies and gentlemen. This means it’s time to pack up those pastels and white pants, and tuck the sundresses away until next spring. I know it’s hard checking the weather, and realizing the forecast is 93 degrees and sunny at the end of September, but that does not mean it’s still summer. So what do you wear on these hot fall days? For guys, you cannot go wrong with a nice pair of khaki shorts or even a dark grey or blue chino. Pair it with a lightweight button down or even a solid T. This creates a great, comfortable look for these hot fall days. As far as shoes are concerned, a nice pair of leather flip-flops or dark boat shoes should do the trick.
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Girls, though this may seem like a more difficult task, it is really quite simple. Pair a cute pair of shorts (jean or a nice fall color) with a layered tank or lightweight top and a stylish cardigan for the chilly mornings, and you should be all set. There is a wider variety of shoes to choose from this season as well; from leather flip-flops to boat shoes, dark flats or some cute, short boots, these should work perfectly during these last warm days. Enjoy the weather while it lasts, but remember, it’s time for fall fashion!
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