Halloween in Review...the Honest Truth

Disclaimer: Although this is my personal opinion, I have heard more than enough from the people around me to know what I am talking about on the matter.

GUYS- AMAZING job this year. I can't even begin to explain the level of creativity I saw both Friday and Saturday night. From the Hamburger Helper hand and giant Penguins to Trolls, Mario and Luigi, the effort was clearly evident. Although several of these have been seen before, kudos to coming up with some great costumes and going all out.

GIRLS NO ONE WANTS TO SEE SLUTTY STORE BOUGHT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ANYMORE. To be completely honest, they are boring and repetitive. I know Halloween is that one holiday where you can "dress slutty and get away with it" but honestly, unless your intention is to give off that image there is no point in dressing like a slut. Lets be realistic, all girls look at other girls they don't know and develop opinions about them right off the bat. I am not saying all girls are judgmental bitches but we are opinionated. How many different people over the years have you seen dressed as a slutty cop? a slutty "gangster"? a slutty sailor? I mean come on girls, GET ORIGINAL. There is one exception though, homemade costumes, IF you are creative enough to craft your own sailor costume, then wear it, show it off, thats awesome. But year after year the same slutty costumes come out of their boxes and they are always the same. You honestly don't look good, you look like a slut. How's that for honesty?

Sorry to end on a sour note- I will follow with a best/worst of halloween shortly!


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