In one of my classes this week I was asked to draft my personal manifesto. What am I passionate about? What do I feel strongly about? What do I want to change or bring attention to? I sat and thought about this for quite some time and eventually came to this. It is rough, it is just a draft, it will change and morph as I learn and grow but this is where I begin. 

"Everyone on this earth wakes up in the morning and gets dressed. This is a fact of life. What we choose to don each day is an expression of our character. How much we care, what we believe in, how we feel. Personal expression is what defines us, is what makes us individual, what makes us real. Fashion is your inner self, revealed.

Fashion is regional, cultural, and personal. It is both private and public. It is confining and liberating. It creates and breaks boundaries. It can send a message, promote a cause, and raise awareness.

Throughout my life fashion has defined me in ways both good and bad. For years it created boundaries, drew lines, and kept me trapped. For years it defined all I stood for, and defined everything I wanted to be free of. Fashion trapped me. It was not until I embraced fashion that it allowed me to understand its ability to liberate people.

People believe that fashion draws lines in a negative way, by class, race, or social status. That may be the case for some, however it extends deeper than that. Fashion defines cultures, carries traditions, and boasts meaning. It has the ability to track history and power, to track cultures and heritage. Fashion is an ever-changing constant in the history of the world. This will forever continue for the rest of time.

Get inspired, define yourself, take chances, be you."

Fashion is beautiful. You are beautiful. You are you. Embrace that. 



How Young is Too Young?

I understand the whole toddlers&tiaras craze and the infatuation with youth and having that youthful image but where do we draw the line?  I am not sure wether or not we can call this the next big thing...This 10 year old super model was featured in the most recent french Vogue. I have to say she looks stunning in these photographs but where do we draw the line?


I must say she looks fabulous, I would have loved to be this fashionable at 10. I can only imagine where she goes from here! 

Source: Fashionista


Concrete Jungle

(Source: WildFox)

This really reminds me of how I am feeling right now. Just one more week in NYC and I want to enjoy every last minute. Until next summer that is. This really is, the best city to be young!


Where are you from?

I am really curious to know where all my readers are from. I see you all scattered across the map but I cant even imagine! Add a comment, let me know where you are reading from!



Go Fourth!


This spring Miami University released another issue up Up Magazine, their fashion publication. I am an online blogger for the magazine as well as the occasional model. This was part of the spring publication. The theme of the issue was denim, and this shoot in particular, was for the 4th of July. AMERICA! 





Here are some of my boards on Pinterest. Food, Weddings, and Home for starters. Click on the pictures to enlarge and see the boards in more detail! xx Cheers! 

Wild Fox


Pura Vida Tsunami Relief!

Finally back in stock is the "TSUNAMI RELIEF" Pura Vida Bracelet! With every "Tsunami Relief" bracelet purchased, we will donate $1 to the Tsunami Relief Fund to help rebuild Japan and contribute to the people still in need. Pick yours up today and help SUPPORT THE CAUSE!


Pura Vida Lifestyle Video

Check out the Official Pura Vida Bracelets Lifestyle Video!


Created by: http://www.sdsquared.com/

Pura Vida Bracelets from Pura Vida Bracelets on Vimeo.

Pura Vida Everywhere!

Robert Downey Jr. seen rockin' his Pura Vida Bracelet on the red carpet!


Another Request!

Ok guys, so I just have to make another request. I only need 11 more people to register for Rent the Runway. It would really help if you could do this for me!


Just click that for me and register. It really would be amazing. If you register, let me know, and if you have a blog of your own or a company you would like me to promote on here I would gladly do that for you!

Thanks everyone!


Another Day...Melting

Well the sweltering heat in the city is more than overwhelming. Everyone here appears to be melting. In my building yesterday due to a power emergency, they turned off the AC and only ran one elevator for a period of time. I can tell you, in this heat, with no AC, I was not about to walk up 14 flights of stairs. Maybe next time.

(Photo from the Gansevoort Park Ave Summer Series!)

I can't even begin to explain. Incredible heat is not uncommon around here in the summer, but usually I have been fortunate enough to have water close by. I guess thats a perk of having a family home on a lake. But I am not about to hop on a bus for 4 hours in this heat to only escape for the day. I guess you will have to find me elsewhere this weekend! Perhaps the Gansevoort again this Sunday? Maybe the Standard Saturday? See you there! xx Cheers! 


Street Fair

Nothing is better on a Saturday afternoon than a nice street fair. Just outside Union Square people showcased a wide variety of crafts, from bags and leather goods to clothing and jewelry the collections were amazing. One of my favorite tables was this magnet table, not for its content, but for its vibrant and stunning colors. Just amazing.

Cheers! xo



OK guys so here is the deal. I am working super hard to become the campus representative for Rent the Runway at my school so I need to register 15 more people!!!!


Just click the link and register, it is super easy and i promise, if you use it, it is SO worth it! They have amazing jewelry and dresses for every occasion!

Its so simple, send my link to everyone you know!!

Thanks all



J. Mendel- Resort 2012

"For Resort 2012, designer Gilles Mendel has created a collection that is infused with ease, elegance and understated luxury. Inspired by a trip to the Southwest, Mendel focused on the texture, beauty and drama of the desert and the canyons and translated these qualities into new ways of manipulating fabric. Delicate trims were added to cool, slouchy separates and layers of hand-frayed organza to long, sineous gowns. "I wanted to take the raw elements of nature and present them in a very cool couture-like way," says Mendel. "The ripple of the fabric like the raw edges of the canyon, the colors taken from the setting sun - everything is organic but still fresh and made for the chic urban customer."

The daywear has an American sensibility: dresses are cut in the form of a flattering short shift or drop below the knee for a more relaxed feel. A sporty color-blocked top in light wool crepe is paired with a floor-grazing silk crepe skirt for a new take on casual elegance.
Supple silk crepe and gauzy wool fabrics are paired with lacquered lattice tweed and sporty cotton/viscose. Leather is used as a luxe trim on paired-down separates and dresses.

For evening, Mendel updated his renowned silk mousseline and organza gowns with satin-faced lurex, thereby creating dramatic dresses that bear a sculpture-like quality. Embellishment comes in the form of hand-sewn bugle beads and matchstick sequins that were inspired by geological formations and cartographic designs.

The furs for resort are playful and sophisticated. They compliment the evening wear in shades of fuchsia, blush and charcoal. Alternatively the day-to-evening pieces, such as multi-color fusion fox mounted on tulle, are intended as lightweight holiday options."

(Article copied from J. Mendel Facebook Page)
(Image Source: J. Mendel Facebook Page

More photos available on the facebook page!



This city enlightens me, it opens my eyes to a world of opportunity. The vibrance and excitement are breathtaking. I could live here for the rest of my life.



Girl In NYC

New York City. Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of having the big city life. Growing up I always watched Sex and the City and I imagined myself living that life. I always wanted to be the center of my own fashion world. And my journey begins here. 
I was always a huge fan of the gossip girl books all throughout school. When they decided to make the books into a TV series you can imagine my excitement. Now, I am in the city on my own, along one of my best friends. We are taking on this city together, who knows where it will take us! 

XOXO- Gossip Girl


Rent The Runway!

Please join this guys! I need 100 people to join by next weekend! Help me! And pass my link (the one below) on to all your friends too! It is an amazing concept, you can rent fabulous dresses for any occasion! From formals to derby parties or summer nights on the water. They have the perfect dress and accessories for every occasion!

Much love! xx brittany



Nicole Nicole Nicole

I don't know about you guys but I just find Nicole so refreshing. The throwback sunglasses and vintage bandana are adorable and her ability to pull off those big sunglasses is unrivaled. A few perfect ideas for summer. Now...if it would only stop raining and start warming up...hmmm