Another Day...Melting

Well the sweltering heat in the city is more than overwhelming. Everyone here appears to be melting. In my building yesterday due to a power emergency, they turned off the AC and only ran one elevator for a period of time. I can tell you, in this heat, with no AC, I was not about to walk up 14 flights of stairs. Maybe next time.

(Photo from the Gansevoort Park Ave Summer Series!)

I can't even begin to explain. Incredible heat is not uncommon around here in the summer, but usually I have been fortunate enough to have water close by. I guess thats a perk of having a family home on a lake. But I am not about to hop on a bus for 4 hours in this heat to only escape for the day. I guess you will have to find me elsewhere this weekend! Perhaps the Gansevoort again this Sunday? Maybe the Standard Saturday? See you there! xx Cheers! 

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