In one of my classes this week I was asked to draft my personal manifesto. What am I passionate about? What do I feel strongly about? What do I want to change or bring attention to? I sat and thought about this for quite some time and eventually came to this. It is rough, it is just a draft, it will change and morph as I learn and grow but this is where I begin. 

"Everyone on this earth wakes up in the morning and gets dressed. This is a fact of life. What we choose to don each day is an expression of our character. How much we care, what we believe in, how we feel. Personal expression is what defines us, is what makes us individual, what makes us real. Fashion is your inner self, revealed.

Fashion is regional, cultural, and personal. It is both private and public. It is confining and liberating. It creates and breaks boundaries. It can send a message, promote a cause, and raise awareness.

Throughout my life fashion has defined me in ways both good and bad. For years it created boundaries, drew lines, and kept me trapped. For years it defined all I stood for, and defined everything I wanted to be free of. Fashion trapped me. It was not until I embraced fashion that it allowed me to understand its ability to liberate people.

People believe that fashion draws lines in a negative way, by class, race, or social status. That may be the case for some, however it extends deeper than that. Fashion defines cultures, carries traditions, and boasts meaning. It has the ability to track history and power, to track cultures and heritage. Fashion is an ever-changing constant in the history of the world. This will forever continue for the rest of time.

Get inspired, define yourself, take chances, be you."

Fashion is beautiful. You are beautiful. You are you. Embrace that. 


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