Life, at this point.

Breaking away from my usual posts I just wanted to write up a little something about my life at this point. 

Returning to school after my last winter break of college has presented many realizations for me. I have realized what an amazing University I have been able to attend. Miami is without a doubt an unbelievable gorgeous college campus. Throughout my time here I have had every possible emotion about this place. From disappointment, fear, sadness, and hatred to sheer joy, pleasure, pride, and happiness. This place has provided me with the experiences, relationships, and life lessons I could not have had anywhere else. 

My college career has been a process. In high school I had a general idea of where I wanted to be or what I wanted in a college or university and it turns out I was entirely wrong. When I began my college search I looked at small liberal arts schools in the New England area, mostly NESCAC schools. Toward the end of my search my father suggested Miami University because his sister had been a student here. Not knowing anything about the school I applied, visited, and fell in love. Having my early decision application deferred really broke my heart. Everything I had seen about Miami on my visit was everything I had wanted in a school. As I anxiously awaited my decision letter that spring I had been accepted to several other schools, none of which presented as appealing as Miami. When my letter came I was again, disappointed, waitlisted. At this point there was nothing that I could do. I filled out all the necessary paperwork to insure the school I was still interested and would like to remain on the waitlist. For the time being I settled upon a decision, I would attend Roanoke College in Salem Virginia in the fall, given that I was not taken off of the waitlist at Miami. A month or so later I was informed that there was no room in the incoming Freshman class at Miami and I would be unable to be removed from the waitlist, however, they could offer me what they would call "Guaranteed Transfer Admission." What the hell is that? Essentially my letter told me I had to attend another college or university for my freshman year. I was told I had to achieve at least a 2.75 GPA, take a math, humanities, and english class and remain in good standing. Given I meet these requirements I would be admitted to Miami in the fall of my Sophomore year as a transfer student. I spent my freshman year as most people would, learning what college would like, and balancing a somewhat hectic social life with the perils and commitments of education. I knew what I had to do to transfer to Miami and I wanted to meet those expectations, but the more time I spent at Roanoke the more I began to fall in love with it.

Throughout the year I had developed some of the best friends I had ever had. Friendship was always a rough area for me and it blew my mind the value a lot of my new friends had placed on it. When I went home for vacations people actually called me just to check in and see what I had been up to and tell me they missed me… THAT was a first. I had developed some of the best and most genuine friendships I had ever had. All the years and all the time I had spent in school I had never developed friendships like those I had created freshman year in college. Looking back on it all had I remained at Roanoke I am not sure how my life would have played out, but I do wonder if I would have been happier there given the people I was surrounded by. 

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