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Clearly this is unlike my usual posts, but being from Massachusetts, being very familiar with this area, and having family and friends there I felt like I should update the world as to what is going on. I know it is not a happy or funny post but it is important, so I hope you stick with me here. 

How do we wrap up the most insane night in the history of Boston. I am really not sure this many things have happened in a period of 10 hours.... ever. Lets see. So these terrorists robbed a 7/11 which was well, moronic. Following this they carjacked a Mercedes SUV and also shot and killed a MIT police officer. They fled in this stolen Mercedes with the driver still inside and lead police on a chase that continued into Watertown where they began to throw explosives (grenades) at the police and also engaged them in a shootout. This shootout took place in a residential neighborhood so those residents took videos. In those videos you can very clearly hear the explosions as well as the wild exchange of gunfire, not something you ever expect to see in a suburban residential neighborhood. The police informed residents to remain inside their houses, lock their doors, and only open the door for the police who would clearly identify themselves. But let me just say- why would you ever open your door to someone at 4 am anyway? Isn't that just common sense? Plus how do you know this guy wouldn't find a way to dress like a cop? They have pulled off enough already. Unfortunately Terrorist number 1 was killed rather than apprehended. They drove over him... but of course that coward had an explosive strapped to his chest. Cheater. They arrested an innocent guy and made him get naked, sorry, wrong place wrong time but at least they are being diligent. 

It has been said that Terrorist 1 is the man in the black hat from the Boston Marathon Bombing so assuming it was just those two men involved, we are halfway there. However, we need white hat terrorist to be taken alive. Rumors were flying around that this Terrorist 2 with the White Hat could be the missing Brown student who went missing exactly one month to the day before the Marathon Bombings. This is not true, but we all know how the rumor mill works. It is also being said that these two men have foreign military training and may have only been in the US for less than a year. I guess we will find out in the end what is true and what is not.

Now they are releasing that these are brothers, residents of Cambridge, one of them (Dzhokar Tsarnaev) is 19 and has a Massachusetts drivers license. The other, deceased was 26, he might have military experience, and might have international ties. Of course we are all sick of hearing "may" and "might" but we will see how this all unfolds. They are saying that the 19 year one with the Mass drivers license is Dzhokar Tsarnaev and is the one still on the run, so that would be White Hat Terrorist. 

Crazy shootout footage from Watertown: 

They found explosives all over and also one pressure cooker explosive consistent with the bombing on Monday. Listening to the scanners they were on quite the chase trying to locate and surround this second suspect. 

Crazy photo from this girl's back yard: 

Of course all MBTA transit is shut down, everyone is on lockdown, but some assholes on bikes think it is okay to bike through Watertown past where they believe the suspect was hiding. Smart. I mean did you not look at any technology at all this morning before you got up and biked through a crime scene full of DOD SWAT FBI Bomb Squad, Local and State Police? Come on. Really? The whole town of Watertown is shut down and the surrounding towns have been shut down also. The residents have been told that no one is to leave their homes, no businesses are to open, and no one is to leave to go to work. Sweet, day off? I guess it will give people time to catch up on the sleep everyone has missed from the stress and anger of this week, assuming this manhunt ends the way we all want it to. As of now BC, Suffolk, UMass, BU, MIT, Northeastern, Harvard and many other schools all closed for the day. Along with businesses throughout the state. Be safe and smart, everyone just stay inside today.

The tips coming in and the leads they have been chasing have ranged from descriptions saying "Large nose, grey hoodie" to "large drum with holes in it," and "red backpack".

I have to say the BPD has been so diligent in following all leads and clearing all areas involved. 

People have reported many suspicious things throughout the night tonight. One man said that their garage door is open now and it was closed last night. They have checked out locations where motion sensors were set off. People reported hearing noise in their back yard sounding like metal on metal. They checked out a man trying to hitch a ride, checked out cab drivers, pretty much anyone dressed in a hoodie with a backpack. 

I, of course, have to point fingers and say I told you so to everyone last night who was convinced that these events were unrelated to the Marathon Bombings. Come on, this is Boston, things like this do not just happen. This was no coincidence.

The town of Watertown is empty, the streets are clear and there is an eerie feeling right now as they continue to search for this second terrorist in the Arsenal Mall area of Watertown. 

More to come as this all unfolds. 

Boston Strong! 



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