Not sure how many of you have heard of or have even been on a Grouper but it is all the rage in NYC. Grouper is basically a blind group dating website that functions more as a social club. Groups of 3 friends, 3 boys or 3 girls will sign up and are matched up anonymously with another group of 3 friends of the opposite sex. Everyone is given a location, pays 20 bucks, and the first round of drinks at the given destination is paid for. It is a fun and interesting way not only to meet new and different people in the city, but also its a fun night out at places you may not have been otherwise! If it comes to your city I recommend it to all! xx B

Use this link to sign up! It is free to sign up, no pressure to go on one if you aren't ready! Share this link with your friends! http://joingrouper.com/r/brittanys-three-wise-men-visit-mexico

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